Energy Brokerage

"independent market intelligence working directly for you..."

We are a commercial energy broker with a difference.

Our deep understanding of UK energy supplier products, along with our industry leading contract management technology ensure we can identify the right energy contract for your business, saving you time, hassle and perhaps most importantly money.

However, we take a different approach to the standard broker model, in order to ensure you get the right energy contract for your business.


Most brokers are paid via a commission from the energy suppliers who add it onto your energy bill. Often this commission is not immediately obvious.

Some brokers go even further and actively claim their services will cost you nothing at all. Of course they do, it is just hidden in your bill.

Here is the key point: this commission can vary from supplier to supplier and so it is not always clear how much your broker is being paid.  As a result you cannot be certain that their advice is completely impartial.  They may be financially influenced to promote the product of a particular supplier that might not be in your best interest.

We solve this clear conflict of interest by offering you a choice in how you contract with us:

Standard Brokerage Payment Model

We offer the standard broker model where our commission is combined within your suppliers bill.

Broker+  Payment Model

Whilst maintaining the benefit of our Third Party Intermediary (TPI) relationships with the energy suppliers, and our knowledge of their various products, we take no commission payment directly from them. Instead we contract and invoice you directly for our services, much like you would engage with any other professional adviser such as legal or accountancy or even our own Energy Consultancy.

We invoice you directly, based on your energy use.  Hence you know exactly what we are being paid, that it is independent of our recommendations, and that we are focused on securing you the very best energy contract.

          To get us working for you is simple: Download, complete and                      return our Letter of Authority and we can start                                              saving you money straightaway.

  With Energy Stream as your broker you are reassured that you have straightforward, impartial advice from across the market. You will be able to make an efficient and informed decision about your energy supplies and get back to concentrating on your core business.

Our standard Procurement or Tender process:

  • Gather all the necessary site and company data needed to approach the supply market

  • Search and identify the best suppliers to bid for your contracts

  • Promote your business to the tendering suppliers to ensure a good response

  • Analyse and present to you a summary of the tenders, ensuring you have a clear picture of the deals on offer, and understand the implications of any contract pass through costs

  • Negotiate prices and contractual terms on behalf of your business, clarifying terms and conditions and any third party charges

  • Oversee the supplier transfer process

  • Our billing is quarterly, retrospective and based on the energy consumed.


We offer further brokerage services such as bill validation and metering advice. Also, we can reduce the amount of energy you use, via our Energy Consultancy.  Please call to discuss how we might be able to help you.